joyous tears. (or my excuse for being an emotion explosion.)

Today was Audrey’s long awaited appointment with the allergist.  And she is allergy free.  Let me just say that again.  ALLERGY.  FREE.  Woop woop!  I am so thankful.  So thankful I feel like have been crying tears of joy.  Of relief.  And I’m going to blame this happy news on my being so extra sensitive today.  There have been little teary moments over the tiny-est of things.  First, in the office watching my girl get all 32 sticks on her flawless bare back.  Then during the wait, when the idea of it being our pets slipped into my mind.  (I have prayed we could keep our animals since I was pregnant with her.)  When I was walking to the car, anxious to call and tell Mark the results.  Then when I got home (this is the kicker) I felt all emotional and cry-y watching the Emmy Awards.  Yep, basically the soap opera award show made me tear up.  And that is the real way I know that I am a mess, an emotional mess.  I’m in feeling overload.  And if I didn’t know with all certainty that I’m not pregnant, I sure would think I was with all this unexplained sentiment going on.  Never the less, I am joyously teary today over my healthy girl, the soap stars helping children with cleft pallets, Pat Sajack’s lifetime achievement for Wheel of Fortune and Jack winning the Emmy for lead actor.


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