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Audrey, age 4

DSC_0615_3You love all things princess.
You love “unicorns and kitties and butterflies.”
You pretend with your babies and ponies and toys.
You love mermaids.
You talk ALL THE TIME.
You love Jude.
You are a little Mama.
You do magic. (“I’m magical.”)
You are a negotiator of naps, bedtime and eating.
You love home.
You love friends.
You are always happy and enjoying yourself.  (People notice it about you.)
You love that pink nightgown and staying in your pajamas.
You wear the same thing over and over.
You pick out your clothes and dress yourself.
You always choose dresses.
You wear your party dress whenever we let you.
You love shoes.
You love rainbows.
You sing loud (and make us not look.)
You dress and undress and redress your dolls.
You make them clothes out of all kinds of things and ask to “tie this on.”
You love to do their hair.
You like your hair in a braid.
You say you want to be a “hair cutter.”
You love to brush your hair.
You love when there are “curls” (bedhead)
You love watching TV.
You love movies.
You act them out.
You are Violet and Sam Sparks.  You tell us to be “Ellen and Bob and Jack Jack.”
You love “ba-spaghetti” and chicken wings.
You pretend to be Rapunzel and tuck a scarf in your ponytail to make your hair long.
You love princess music.
You give LOTS of kisses.
You pull Jude close to you in his highchair each morning.
You love to dance and watch in the mirror.
You are a good girl.
You are funny.
You are sensitive and kind.
You are smart.
You tuck little things under the pillows in your bed. (lalaloopsies and books)
You can recite the words to your favorite movies.
You rhyme silly words (“sausage, basauge”) and say “hey, that rhymes.
You point out letters.
You play “shoot the ladders.”
You are a terrible loser.
You lie awake in bed late sometimes
You love to “skip nap” but you still need one most of the time.
You get sad when you don’t get to tell Daddy bye in the mornings.
You ask him “Are you gonna be here in the morning?”
You like a light left on.
You say “pilla” and  “yella.”
You are girly.
You love pink and purple.
You sleep with lots of “tuck animals.”
You are the best big sister.
You love to draw people and maps (with elaborate stories while you make them)
You are so fun.
You are perfect to me.

Love, Mommy


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Audrey says…

Audrey:  What’s your favorite show?

Daddy:  I like shows about Alaska.

Audrey:  Is Alaska a ball?

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