Full. Dreams. Or right now.

Right now, everyday is a new something.  A new word.  A new connection.  A new discovery.

I want to freeze it.  I want to hold on to every little part.  I want to remember this forever.  And although my Mama reminds me I’ve been saying this since the beginning with Audrey-right now is the best ever!  It proves to me that with each day that passes, the love I feel for this little child grows more and more.  There is no full, no limit.

A full moment this week…We ate on the porch tonight.  We eat most of our dinners out there these days, under the fans, enjoying these evenings before summer’s heat doesn’t even give us a break with the night air.  She wore only her diaper and ate off a pink plate covered in her favorite frozen berries.  As she was eating, all covered in purple, she’d pick up a blueberry, show it to us and say “ball.”  It was one of those moments I love.  With her.  With being a  family. With right now. And despite it’s simplicity, I realized this is what I have dreamt of my entire life.  My dreams have come true…they are coming true.  Family, porches, togetherness.  6/14


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