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first day of 2k

Walked right in your classroom.  Concerned about a little boy that was crying.  Looking all around.  We had to remind you to give us bye-kisses.  Excited and a big hug for Mommy at pick-up.  Pitiful in the car.  Wanted your Daddy.  Not much to say.  Finally, with lots of questioning and after a nap, you did tell us about your day.  That you sang The Wheels on The Bus, ate cheese and crackers and drank apple juice from a “big yellow bottle,” that someone had an owl book bag, that you didn’t have circle time or “didn’t do anything,” that you read a Barney book, that you didn’t hurry up, that it was too rainy for the playground, and that you liked it and wanted to go back.

(Not so bad for the first day.)



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