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It looks like this:

Squat. Stomp, stomp, stomp.  Repeat.

-A’s dance move


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i made pickles.

I have this very domestic friend, Amelia.  She has chickens, gardens and cans things.  There is much more awesomeness, but an added bonus to her is this feeling I get when I am at their house, their family farm house in the country.  For just a bit, I am at my grandmama’s house again.  Obviously, it’s not a house thing, I can still go there.  It’s a state of being.  A way of living.  It’s slower and healthier.  It’s like being there when I was growing up.  Something always on the stove, veggies on the counter that came from the garden outside.  And it definitely brings my country living dreams up to the surface.  The ones that include lots of littles, garden growing, animal raising and front porches.  Some of this daydreaming, I can live out right through her.  Like this week I learned to can.  Well, kind of.  But I did learn how to make pickles.  And that is somehow one of those dream fulfilling kind of things.  (I have never claimed it took much.)

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Sometimes we are reminded to cherish every little moment we are given, to hold dear what is precious, to spend not a second on things and thoughts that wouldn’t matter if today was your last, to rock a little longer, hold a little tighter and thank God for it all a whole lot more.

I am so thankful.

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when a day is wonderful.

it is 6:15 pm and i am still in not really dressed clothes

audrey and i took an extra long stroll this morning that included a new route and a little running

my art room is clean, organized and ready for making things

audrey is wearing a bubble skirt

today her pink converse came in the mail…we had made a deal that when she walked, she’d get pink chucks

mark got home from work way early

young and the restless was a good one today

i ate a lunch of frozen grapes and a bagel off of a tv tray

jana and i finally talked on the phone (i don’t do well without her)

audrey painted at her easel

roses is not actually closing

i have a great, old friend coming in town to stay tonight

i have a wonderful, new friend (family of friends) that i get to share so much with right now

audrey laughed deep down uncontrollable laughs earlier when we played together

the bed is not made but the house is straight

“reclaim what is absolutely extraordinary in daily life.” patti digh

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