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what we’ve been up to this week

Little Audrey is eating and sleeping so well.  Basically she is living on a schedule of eating every 2 to 3 hours and sleeping really well in between.  I think it was her second night home and in my head I came up with this ideal plan for the night…well, she has lived by that for the most part.  Such a good baby girl.  The past couple days she has been a little fussy in the mornings, but we are working out what mommy should and shouldn’t eat to help make her feel better.

We also went on 2 outings this week!  On Thursday I had a doctor’s appointment and on Friday, Mark and I had to meet with a photographer for a planning session.

The doctor’s appointment went great.  I feel all back to normal and will be so thankful when I get the okay to do all the things I feel up to doing again.  (We really want to go for a spring time stroll…soon.)  I go back in 5 weeks and I think if all keeps going well, that will be my a-okay to get back to regular life.  We met with Collin Smith…who is fabulous!  We have a newborn session scheduled in a little over a week.  I am so excited to capture Audrey right now…her gummy smiles, very expressive faces and cute little self.

And one more picture to show Audrey’s get away leg.  She still loves to curl up those little legs and arms…I don’t think she realizes she has the whole world to live in yet and not just a smaller than average belly where she grew.  Sometimes we just don’t fight it and let it be free, a little leg sticking right on out of her  jammies.


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one week old today

just a quick shot with my dinky phone camera

she is one week already…i can’t believe it

i love her and being a mommy so much

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a little update

goodmorning.  a little update (in i’m sure to be RANDOM order) of our going-ons:

audrey is amazing.  that love that you are immediately so full of is indescribable.   she has stolen my heart.  yesterday i put the pictures from the hospital onto my computer and for the first time got to really look at the ones of her just getting here.  i just cried and cried.  (i still could right this second)  and now trying to write about it, i’m at a loss of words.  just in awe, so full of love and wonder about this perfect little creation, our special baby girl.

our hospital stay was good.  the c-section was not bad at all and the first days of her life i spent in this happy place like no other i’ve experienced.  it is almost a magical time.  i loved every second.

we brought her home on friday and since then we have been getting used to our home as a family.  audrey is doing great.  even living on a bit of a schedule the past couple nights.

there are so many things to share..just thought i’d take a second to share a couple.  we have a few pictures posted if you’d like to look.  the moments are surely easier to capture with my camera these days than with words.

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here she is…

audrey lougenia perry

born tuesday, march 16th at 9:30 am

7lbs, 18 1/2 inches

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waiting on baby

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a documentarian.

My Grandaddy was too.  Now looking back I realize just how much of one he was.  He always had these little notebooks.  One in the shirt pocket of his plaid, short sleeved collared shirts.  And he kept up with everything.  The cost of gas when he filled up his car, how many gallons it took, the price for vegetables he sold.  Who knows what all was written in those tiny spiral bound notebooks.  He was a documentarian.  I am too. 

Mine are mostly “anything” books filled with stories, memories, quotes from friends, doodles and so on.  Remembered, documented anythings…and during pregnancy the recording has been no different (and done in a mini sized journal I’ve carried in my purse since last summer, writing down the things from each doctor’s appointment.)  So I’m gonna share, really for more documenting and remembering on my part.

July 14, 2009- “I had a positive test result.”  Appointment on Thursday at 1:15 scheduled.

July 16- First appointment, 4 weeks 4 days pregnant.  139.4 lb

August 27- 10 weeks 5 days.  180 BPM.  136.1 lb

September 23- 14 weeks 4 days.  160 BPM.  137.9 lb

October 16- 17 weeks 6 days.  145 BPM.  138.6 lb.  Ultrasound of Baby P

November 10- 21 weeks 3 days.  152 BPM.  145.5 lb

December 7- 25 weeks 2 days.  BPM 162.  150.3 lb

January 5, 2010- 29 weeks 2 days.  BPM 142.  152.4 lb

January 21- 31 weeks 5 days.  BPM 148.  152.1 lb

January 27- 32 weeks 4 days.  BPM 159.  152.6 lb.  Ultrasound to check on baby’s growth…weighs about 4 pounds.

February 8- 34 weeks 1 day.  BPM ?  154.6 lb

February 15.  35 weeks 1 day.  BPM ?  155.8 lb

February 19- 35 weeks 6 days.  BPM 159.  156.2 lb

February 24- 36 weeks 5 days.  BPM 159.  157.5 lb

March 3- 37 weeks 4 days.  BPM 145.  156.7  lb.   ultrasound to see baby was breech

March 10-  38 weeks 4 days.  BPM 149.  157 lb.  LAST APPOINTMENT.

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Order Up!

Baby Perry’s ready…

We had an appointment yesterday for the last check in on the little one and scheduled a c-section since our already determined baby picked it’s breech spot a while back and decided to stay put.  So, we have an official date now-  Tuesday, March 16.  Isn’t that crazy???

Talk about a countdown…meet you so soon sweet baby.

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