Jude, 18 months

You are funny. You are busy. You are so smart. You ride your bike all over. You carry around your lovies. You are a real life Linus. You finally eat real food. You love raw carrots. You like to dip them. You keep them in your mouth for a long time before you swallow. You love sweets. You feed yourself. You get so excited when you have something you want to show someone. You push around your cars. You love sing-a-majigs. You laugh big. You have wild curls. You love to sit in chairs. You love to press buttons and turn on/off lights. You love remotes. You like to figure things out. You lift your shirt to show your belly. You close both eyes really hard to “wink.” You always take off your socks. You love to put your shoes on. You love your paci. You use your thumb as a regular backup. You laugh really hard when I kiss your neck before bed. You read books. You like to brush your hair. You love to brush your teeth. You hate to have your face wiped. You do not like things on your hands. You love “Drey.” You say “bi” for bye. You are learning and saying new words every single day. You love people. You love Audrey’s dance class. You run down the hallway. You jump with your arms up and your feet on the ground. You dance and it looks like running in place. You LOVE the pets. You lay on Liza and chase Frida. You give Frida all the treats. You love animals. You love Grandmama. You are not so sure of the nursery. You love outside. You say “moo” and point at the moon. You point at “burs” (birds) You put your hand to your ear when you hear a sound. You like to watch Peek a Boo. You get so mad and throw fits. You grab onto my legs when I’m cooking. You give kisses. You back into laps and for hugs. You throw kisses, but sometimes forget to throw. You love to have your tummy rubbed. You say “real-we.” You wear Mommy’s bracelets and Audrey’s crowns. You are the best boy. You are perfect to me.

Love, Mommy


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