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yesterday’s post-it.

6/19/2011    While I was just rocking Audrey before bed, two times she lifted her head from my shoulder and kissed me on the mouth.  Those untaught and pure actions fill me with awe-her young heart expressing the love it already holds inside.  


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joyous tears. (or my excuse for being an emotion explosion.)

Today was Audrey’s long awaited appointment with the allergist.  And she is allergy free.  Let me just say that again.  ALLERGY.  FREE.  Woop woop!  I am so thankful.  So thankful I feel like have been crying tears of joy.  Of relief.  And I’m going to blame this happy news on my being so extra sensitive today.  There have been little teary moments over the tiny-est of things.  First, in the office watching my girl get all 32 sticks on her flawless bare back.  Then during the wait, when the idea of it being our pets slipped into my mind.  (I have prayed we could keep our animals since I was pregnant with her.)  When I was walking to the car, anxious to call and tell Mark the results.  Then when I got home (this is the kicker) I felt all emotional and cry-y watching the Emmy Awards.  Yep, basically the soap opera award show made me tear up.  And that is the real way I know that I am a mess, an emotional mess.  I’m in feeling overload.  And if I didn’t know with all certainty that I’m not pregnant, I sure would think I was with all this unexplained sentiment going on.  Never the less, I am joyously teary today over my healthy girl, the soap stars helping children with cleft pallets, Pat Sajack’s lifetime achievement for Wheel of Fortune and Jack winning the Emmy for lead actor.

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Full. Dreams. Or right now.

Right now, everyday is a new something.  A new word.  A new connection.  A new discovery.

I want to freeze it.  I want to hold on to every little part.  I want to remember this forever.  And although my Mama reminds me I’ve been saying this since the beginning with Audrey-right now is the best ever!  It proves to me that with each day that passes, the love I feel for this little child grows more and more.  There is no full, no limit.

A full moment this week…We ate on the porch tonight.  We eat most of our dinners out there these days, under the fans, enjoying these evenings before summer’s heat doesn’t even give us a break with the night air.  She wore only her diaper and ate off a pink plate covered in her favorite frozen berries.  As she was eating, all covered in purple, she’d pick up a blueberry, show it to us and say “ball.”  It was one of those moments I love.  With her.  With being a  family. With right now. And despite it’s simplicity, I realized this is what I have dreamt of my entire life.  My dreams have come true…they are coming true.  Family, porches, togetherness.  6/14

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Today was the most perfect, wonderful day.

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a little moment i love from today.

It’s a two-parter.

First, I love that Audrey and I spent most of the day on the front porch.  I looked at books and watched as my girl played, mostly climbing in and out of her toy car or up and down from the chair.  And when it was obvious she had played too much for one morning and we needed to come in, I noticed two little, dirty black-bottomed feet.  (part 1) When we came up for a diaper change before her nap, I used a wipe to clean off those summer feet.  This resulted in some big, down deep laughing.  One of the best sounds in this world!  (part 2) She’s ticklish!

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“Homeland Security”

***this is all borrowed from Pastor Rod at church yesterday.  his sermon,my notes and thoughts, God’s word***

The past couple weeks have been part of a marriage series at our church.  I have to admit that when I saw yesterday’s title, homeland security, I was a little upset thinking this wasn’t going to be part of it.  Instictively, when I hear or see that phrase, government comes to mind, terriorist talk…and I was looking forward to a marriage sermon.  I put on my pout face, or at least in my mind I did.  I was all wrong though.  Yesterday’s homeland security was all about marriage.  It was about our own HOME-land security.  We are living with lost and broken homes all around us.  We pretend it’s okay and the norm.  It was a reminder and a road map.  We all need those.

“Be self-aware and alert.  The devil, your enemy, prowls around like a lion, looking for someone to devour.  Resist him standing firm in faith.” -1 Peter 5:8

Our HOMELAND SECURITY job: As parents, as a mama & a wife, I/we need to make sure we are protecting our HOMEland from our enemy-the devil.  Satan wants to destroy our home, steal our children.

1. Homeland Security requires a family with INTERGRITY.  Whole & complete…fighting together.

*Ephesians 6:1-4    Children obey your parents.  Parents, bring them up in the Lord.  (that’s way paraphased…look it up)

*Ephesians 5:22&33     Wives submit to your husbands.  He is the leader of the house.  Husbands love up your wives.  All like Jesus did.

Integrity means putting marriage FIRST.  It is a covenant and a promise to God.  Binding agreement between 2 parties…as serious as the covenant God made with Moses and with Abraham and with David.  FIGHT TO THE DEATH OF THAT!!!

2. Homeland security requires a family to SET BOUNDARIES. 

Freedom isn’t free.  It’s a myth to believe that freedom gives us the right to do whatever we want to do, whenever we want to do it.

*Galatians 5:13     Do not use freedom for sinful nature.  Use freedom through love to serve one another.

*Ephesians 6:4     Do not exasperate our kids.

*Colossians 3:something another…I missed writing this one down, but that whole chapter, Rules for Holy Living, pretty much needs to be on our refridgerator as our guidelines…”How to be a good parent and spouse.”

*Hebrews 10:25   Meet at church with people that can encourage you.


3. Homeland security requires a family to BLESS THEIR CHILDREN.

There’s power in a blessing.  Do this for them-protect them, know what they are doing, (this is easier with our 1 year old than with her when she’s 15, but God gave us that job now and then) bless them with words of affirmation, and most of all bless them with the knowledge of God’s word.


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baby snowglobes

“It’s like a lava lamp.  Give her a little doobie and she’ll be alright.” -Mark

Last weekend I made these ‘baby snowglobes.’ A friend of mine made them as the craft at her son’s birthday party.  And let me just say, that A) I love that she did a craft at the party- this is so much better than the useless party favor bags on so many levels, and B) what a great idea-a recycled, basically free, entertaining toy you can make for your babes.  Turns out, they are just as entertaining for the Mamas too!  That’s where the conversation bit above came from.  I couldn’t stop looking at them!  Addictive for sure.  (And obviously her Daddy’s comment was just a joke.)

To make them here’s what you do:  Get a plastic bottle.  I first made them in large sized water bottles and then switched to small ones, better for little hands to hold.  We actually bought a pack of Aqua Pods (kid sized waters) because the bottles are cute and don’t have bumps or indentions in them. Then all you do is add water and an assortment of things…I added ribbon, beads, glitter, sequins, buttons, shells, thread, and foam pieces.  You really could put whatever you want.  Try and find some things that float too and keep in mind whether or not your object could get rusty in there or disintegrate over time.  Then super glue the lid on and there you go..a perfect attention keeper for the car or a restaurant.  Making them is as addictive as staring at them.  They are quick, easy, instant gratification projects.

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