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some projects from this week

So I know that Audrey is too little (even though she smiles and talks to me when I show her things) but we have been Christmas crafting this week…

Here are a few of the projects…


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more than a kleenex

i have had tears all day…
its stupid but i just cleaned out my inbox and passed by all the weekly baby email updates (that i can’t delete)..and now she is big
and we cant go back to ‘your baby 2 months.’
i should think that i have been so lucky to be with her every moment and not feel cry-y but i just love her every little thing so much that instead i cry because it is gone.
it makes my heart too full and tears float up into my eyes.
how do people do this?
reminds me of this quote i’ve had post-it stuck to my computer for months… “making the decision to have a child is momentous.  it is to decide forever to have your heart go walking around outside your body.” -elizabeth stone  (i may have already posted that..sorry.  but just in case.)

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Dear Santa

December 4, 2010

Dear Santa,

My name is Audrey Lou and this is my very first Christmas.  I am very excited about the season.  I had my picture taken with you yesterday and enjoyed getting to really look at you when I sat in your lap.  I wasn’t scared at all because my mama and daddy told me what a nice and generous man you are.  Thanks for making so many kids happy each year.  You must really work hard.  I bet you take a good nap each day too!

I have been a very good baby girl this year.  I take my naps when I am supposed to, play sweet, eat my fruits and veggies, and am sure to make my parents proud (and smile) everyday.

For Christmas I would like a comfy spot to sit while I drink my bottles.  And since I try to stand up & love to scoot all over the house, I would love a toy that I could push around and maybe ride on.  Anything you choose for me will make me happy because I sure love to play.

Thank you Santa.


Audrey Lou    (8 and a half months)


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