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six years and a continued tradition.


one year.

DSC_0123two years.

DSC_0155three years.

CSC_1119four years.

548730_10151052563592027_1899477552_nfive years.


six years.


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porch feet june 2013What summer, and the last weeks of just Audrey and me, are all about.  Slow mornings with no where we have to be, wearing our jammies (or just the top) past lunch, dirty feet, pretend cookies baked, watering can drum circles, bubbles to blow, porch drawing, snacks shared…just us, for a little longer.

“Together is a place I won’t soon forget.”

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happy things

“Thank You for this beautiful world.” -always in her prayers and blessings these days

maternity pictures…our first as a family of four

sneaking to watch A fall asleep- getting caught so just going in for kisses and giggles

making her laugh

checking off the before baby to do list

a date day with Mark to Charlotte

the way he loves his shoes (Audrey gets it from him)

baby plants

square pictures

monitoring the baby each week- being able to feel him move while I hear his heart beat change

that all alone, quiet time with just him

the sleep after the snooze button

belly shots

being pregnant

our anniversary tradition and looking back over the years of those pictures this week

lockets with pictures inside

Audrey’s vocabulary


washi tape

my family



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me and aud june 2013

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June 11, 2013 · 9:12 pm

my favorite kind of afternoon

This afternoon I snuck into her bed in time to watch her wake up from a nap, with a giggle in a dream.  “Mommy, I thought you were here.”  Read a tall stack of books from the dresser before we got up.  Strung beads into bracelets and checked them glowing in the dark of her closet.  Wore pajamas and dress up clothes out to pick up drive through dinner.  Splurged on happy meals.  Did an exercise video together.  Giggled.  Read haikus we memorized and recited in our best poetry voices before going to bed.

A tree can’t reach

for a glass

of water.

-Jack Kerouac

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audrey says…

A:  Daddy, can you go downstairs and cook lunch?

Mommy:  He is cooking.

A:  No he’s not.  He’s not stirring.


I’m gonna draw everything I love in my imagination.

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