You love to play.  You love the water hose.  You crawl all over the front yard.  You use a funny knee up version on the grass.  You love Audrey.  You light up around her.  You love dogs.  You try to get Frida and Bells.  You love the beach.  You love baths and water.  You love cooked carrots.  You love being outside.  You are busy.  You are a climber.  You snuggle your stuffed animals (hold them to your chest and lie down on them.)  You love your paci.  You find your thumb for backup.  You are ticklish.  You curl your tongue. You stand up holding on to everything.  You cruise along holding on.  You are starting to let go with one hand.  You have curls in the back of your hair.  You are all boy.  You love to eat cheese and strawberries and drink water from my straw.  You have one little bottom tooth poking through.  You are happy.  You cry huge when you are not.  You have big hands.  You wave bye-bye with your palm facing you.  You can show us your tongue.  You point to your nose, but really it’s just under it.  You say bye bye and pup pup.  You wear 12 month clothes, unless it’s the bottom, then you can wear tiny 3-6 month.  You take 2 naps.  You go to bed at 7:30.  You weigh 19 pounds and 11 ounces.  You feel solid.  You are strong.  You are tough.  You get lots of bumps and bruises.  You babble all the time.  You are loud.  You are serious and giggly.  You love Skip to My Lou.  You hate the car seat.  You love strolls.  You love your family.  You are curious. You try to figure things out.  You love to open and close doors.  You are obsessed with plugs.  You wake up happy.  You love to watch Baby Mozart.  You pat-a-cake and play peek-a-boo.  You are so much fun.  You are my best boy.


Love, Mommy


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