Mother’s Day 2014, Audrey (4) and Jude (9 months)


Dear Jude,

Today is Mother’s Day.  My fifth.  But today was different with you here.  Today I celebrated love multiplied.  Love of a mother of more than one child.  Love that you don’t realize can keep growing until is just does.  You, my precious boy, showed me that love.  Love that  isn’t able to cap out.  That is instant and deep and unconditional and ongoing.  Love that doesn’t replace.  I celebrate you today.  For showing me the depths of love.  For giving me a better glimpse into the love God has for me, his own child.  You came into my world and grew my heart by about a million sizes.  You are the exact thing I never even knew I needed.

Thanks for teaching me so much already.  I’m so thankful to be your Mommy.



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