one month and growing…


by the time i could do a little update, things have changed, jude has grown and another week has gone by, but here it is to remember and share.  jude at 4 weeks…

starting to fit into his newborn onesies, but not the bottoms

loves laying in his boppy, not his crib

sleeps better in the day than at night if we let him

has just started to make a pouty face every so often before he cries

when he does cry, he cries big and quick

nurses every 3-4 hours, has gone 6 (it made me nervous)

has gotten good together nursing  (being in our real groove took this whole time)

doesn’t cry as much about a diaper change anymore

toots loud like a man

weighs 6 pounds 9 ounces (at 4 weeks)

eats 8 times a day

has serious expressions, an old little soul (i wonder if this in our boy that is to come)

likes to be touching

*and then in just a week…5 week old jude…

is starting to coo

i swear smiled a real smile at me

is going a 6 hour stretch at night on an almost regular basis

does much better with awakeness in the days and going to sleep at bedtime

eats 7 times a day these days


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