Audrey says. (a catch-up)

Mommy:  It’s time to go night-night.

Audrey:  [Cries]

Mommy:  What would you rather do?

Audrey:  Stay waked up.


Audrey’s thoughts from her first trip to Asheville, NC

“I lub those pretty mountains.”

“I have a blow up nose.”

in response to her first hot chocolate- “There’s cookies in it!”

“I’m gonna lax.”  (relax)


Audrey opened a pad.  She said to me, what’s this called?  I answered, it’s a pad.  She asked, what you do with it?  So I answered, well it’s kind of like a diaper for ladies.  Collects spills.  She said, put it in your big girl panties?!  Yep, yes you do.

(There you go, sure glad that talk’s out of the way.)


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