leap day

Sometimes these little moments happen and I catch a glimpse of the future.  Or maybe instead of seeing the future, I have a realization in that moment that there can  be other babies, that that can be our future.  That I can do it-be a Mom to more than just Audrey.  Tonight I had a moment.  Audrey and I got home from picking up dinner.  I got her out of the car and asked her to walk and wait on the porch for me.  She did just that and I unloaded and brought in more than an arm’s full of bags and stuff from the car.  I felt proud of my good listener (okay, so I know she is not always present, but I called it a glimpse, remember?) and I thought to myself, put this on the pro side.  You can have two.  Even Audrey is ready.  (Maybe a small part of me is writing this down so I can go back and read it when she screams her head off because I’m even looking at another baby.  Yikes!  Because this does happen.)  I realize there is much more to raising multiple children, but these moments are breakthroughs in themselves when your brain is trying to reason you out of more kids due to love and time and ability and health.  A tiny moment becomes a moment of decision making, of clarity and hope.  (And for the day’s sake, a moment to make a leap.)


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