a few things.

My dog is snoring.  She has her eyes open.  She is curled up on the one available spot amongst the creative mess happening in this room.

I am very excited about a dollhouse/doll family making project in the works.  I have been brainstorming for a long while.  Today I ordered some gonna-be-dolls.  And, still I am brainstorming.

Audrey is saying whole sentences all of the sudden.  Not only her favorite, “________(insert Daddy, Mommy, Preeta, Audrey, Minnie) where are you?” but actual sentences too.  Today while we were at her little table, out came a string of five words asking where a color crayon had gone.  Baby turns person.  Just like that.

This house is an explosion.  Both Aud and I have all of our toys out.  And I love it.  I think it makes it feel more like Christmas  in some way or the other.

Today on our walk I found a lovely pile of wood pieces from a cut down tree.  They came home with me under the stroller.

A friend had a new, squishy, adorable baby boy the other day.  I think I want one too.

I can not get enough of this commercial.  It makes me weepy.

And one last thing for right now.  Here are the words to the last verse of Away in a Manger.  We sang it Sunday at church.  Be near me, Lord Jesus, I ask Thee to stay.  Close by me forever, and love me, I pray.  Bless all the dear children in Thy tender care.  And fit us for heaven to live with Thee there.  Enough said, that should be my prayer everyday.

Okay, so maybe one more.  Things keep reminding me of other things.  Think about Jesus as a baby.  Not like a manger scene baby.  For real, imagine it.  It gets me.  Ever since I’ve had Audrey thinking about the love God has for us, well, it’s different to me now.  It’s big and personal.  Now I have a staring point I guess.  A real love measuring stick.  Take that do-anything-for, protect-like-crazy and adore-like-they-are-the-best-thing-ever kind of love and multiply it times, I don’t even know, more than we can understand.  And think about it again.  He loves us like that.  I wouldn’t give my baby away.  I sure am thankful He did.


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  1. I have always loved that commercial and was so glad to see it again! It makes me weepy too! Love you!

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