Audrey’s First Advent

This year I really wanted to do an advent for Audrey.  Growing up, it was one of my favorite things about Christmas, and now one of my fondest memories.  My Meme always made both me and my brother an advent stocking.  It hung at the bottom of the stairs and I loved coming down each morning to open a new day’s treat.  I still can remember reaching in, feeling around to touch all the little tissue paper wrapped things and picking something out each day.  I want to create those special traditions for our children and give them memories to keep forever.

When I was thinking about one for Audrey I really didn’t want to do treats though.  It’s kind of hard to pick things for a little one and I was afraid it’d  just be more stuff she’d be interested in for a minute and then toss aside.  So I made 25 felt ornaments and a large felt tree.  The idea came from a pinterest  project I saw where a family in the process of moving used a felt tree on the wall instead of a real tree.  A felt board/tree.  Genius right?!  We aren’t moving or lacking space, but we do have a busy bee toddler and so I decided to make one for our house.  At first I was just going to make ornaments for her to play with, like the idea I saw, but as I was making them I realized it would make a good advent for an almost 2 year old.  Each day, Audrey gets a new felt ornament to decorate (and redecorate) her tree.  This isn’t preventing her from taking off the actual tree ornaments, but it is good for her busy little mind and hands.

Her first advent…We’re on the countdown to Christmas, and with a toddler it is a lot of fun!!!


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