silhouette project

the original photo (nothing fancy, taken with my phone camera)

cut out number 1. too little detail, too much rattail.

finished silhouette.

So this project actually only took one day (part of a very short nap and a little time after bedtime) to complete when I actually did it.  Before though, it was one of those that took lots of thinking and lots of attempts to get a decent photograph to work with.

To get a good picture, I put Audrey in front of a window to photograph her.  Granted, this involved standing her on the toy box, giving her random little things to hold to keep her attention, and then ultimately using a donkey to make her look where I wanted.  The picture (at this age) is half the battle.  Taking it in front of the light gave me a good outline to work with so once I put it in photoshop, I just changed the levels a little and erased some of the background to get a pattern to work with.  I printed that, stapled it (around the head because that part doesn’t matter) to black paper and cut it out using scissors and and exact-o knife for the details.  I mounted it to poster board cut to fit a vintage frame I found over the weekend.  (A good habitat find can always move things along from idea to actual product.)  Walaa!  A silhouette project complete!


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  1. Aunt Monnie

    You are so smart, Bethany! Loved your finished product. Also received your Christmas card today. What a precious picture of Audrey. She is going to love looking at these “works of art & love” one day when she is older. Love to each of you!

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