30 days of thanks.

I’ve been inspired by everyone’s 30 days of thanks challenge I’m seeing this week.  So each day this month I’m going write down one thing I’m thankful for.  Wouldn’t it be amazing if we did this every day of the year, not just for a month?  It would be so awesome to read the ones from years past, from when you were little.  But for now, let’s just get through November.  I’m a little late getting started, but here is my catch up.

Day 1:  I am thankful for a group of ladies that love Jesus and for getting to be a part of their Bible study.  I am thankful for a reminder of where my priorities should be and in what order.

Day 2:  I am thankful for tiny gifts of love I am given everyday, for a toddler whose love is so pure and unconditional.  Tonight it was a long hug with little pats on my back that she gave me after dinner.

Day 3:  I am thankful for women in my life who offer understanding, love, wisdom and support all in their own special way.

What are you thankful for?  Do you write yours down?  How do you keep up with the things you want to remember?  This really seems to be a hot topic in the lives of those with little ones.  Share your wisdom.  If you do something (with a thankful list or baby memories) I wanna hear.


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