happy things. memphis edition:

mama talk on the plane to start & ease my first weekend away, street drain covers that look like records-is everything music there?!?, a whole weekend with courtney, gas stations named ‘hop-in’, seeing court as a teacher, neon signs everywhere, the mustache shaped bridge, mud island, great gnarly above ground roots and driftwood as a result of mississippi river flooding, carrying a big ole stack of these back to the car-twice, the signs on top of buildings, font & text, entire bungalow neighborhoods, gus’s fried chicken pickles, hole in the wall restaurants, laughing so hard you choke, plastic to go cups-football game style, sweet tea in moderation, beale street, flippers, the very gaudy cindrella-ish carriages, trolleys, a town made for eating, bbq everywhere-even on bumper stickers, going back to sleep after an early morning wake up, marathon style teen mom, chocolate chip cookie pie, an art gallery crawl, court’s roomate rebekah, lamar street theater, a long walk through a beautiful neighborhood, a jar hunt to make pickles, helping with save the date cards, being able to see the history of a town, a 50’s feel to architecture and signs, the elvis presley blvd inn, park signs, graceland, listening to elvis on pandora for a drive-by, the sunset time of day and the light it gives everything, salt and vinegar chips-always when we are together



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3 responses to “happy things. memphis edition:

  1. Aunt Monnie

    That place (Memphis) was a great hodge-podge of photos for you! Loved your blog today. Also wanted to say how HAPPY I am each time I see a pic of Audrey and she is so intent on looking at her books! I just love that little girl…….Hugs to all, Aunt Monnie

  2. Courtney

    i love this! i loved re-experiencing memphis with you and all of the happy things that went with it!

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