how her little mind works.

So lately I find myself saying ‘I wish I knew what she was thinking’ more often than not.  I can’t help but wonder why book is the first word she says when I come into her room in the morning or why she answers apples to every question about what to eat, why she laughs in the backseat or says no puppy at random.  I love watching her play these days.  The purpose, intent and connections being made behind what she does-trying things out, imitating, experimenting, using so many words.  Thinking about that growing mind of hers, watching her use it to figure out everything that’s new to her everyday; once again, I am amazed by that little mind.

Yesterday, a friend of ours gave her a snack bag of pretzels that she saved for the car ride. And in the backseat she was saying ‘owl, owl, hoo’ over and over.  What we realized- to her those pretzel twists were little owls, hooing before she ate each one.  Mmmm, life with her (little mind) is oh so good!


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