16 months (a little late)

16 months.

Little Audrey turned 16 months over the weekend.  It was busy, so this is the late update on all things happening with our more girl than baby these days.

Her language has EXPLODED.  She repeats so many words that we say and has a long list of words that she meaningfully says too.  Here are some of the regulars: baby, boat, flower, bird, bear, hey, uh oh, bye-bye, ball, Eliza, Mackenzie, book, Bells, cracker, milk, bottle, bubble, tv, car, shoe, moose, and stroller.  She TALKS all the time!  And is understanding so much too!

Finally, at 16 months and 3 days, SHE WALKED!  There had been a lot of two stepping and standing alone in the past month, but now she will let go and wobblely walk across the room.  Her mind is still trying to embrace this new skill.  Old habits are hard to break.  I sure am gonna miss her famously cute and efficient scoot when it leaves us for real.  Yet again, I’m having a teary time letting this phase go for a new one.  I’m happy and proud.  But it’s all so bittersweet, this super speed watching your baby grow up right before your eyes.

Knows her body parts for hair, head, eyes, teeth, mouth, tounge, nose, ears, belly, belly button, foot, toes and fingers.  And her animals sounds for cow, cat, dog, monkey, lion, owl, elephant, pig, rooster, and gorilla.

Loves tv, books, shoes, talking, carrying a purse, animals, wearing a bracelet, crackers and people!  Sleeps on a pillow all the time now.  Puts away her bath toys and seems to enjoy knowing what is expected with her routine.

We are continually amazed at her learning right now, the little sponge that she is and all that she can do.  Right now with baby, still, is oh so good!


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