B is for bug.

Today a new baby was added to our family.

A 1969, baby blue, convertible beetle.

My sweet sweet husband surprised me this week with the news that he’d found one for me and today we went to get it.  He’s pretty amazing in that way.  The way that he recognizes something I’ve always dreamed of (but would never do on my own) and makes it happen.  Part of the balance we create together I suppose.  But today, I can say, that he brought another part of dreamy-ness that has lived in my head for so long into reality….My little family cruising down the road.  Hair blowing.  Baby laughing.  Music playing.  Top down.  Together.  Thanks hubby, for the car, and most importantly for the dream fulfilling you’re giving me in this wonderfully real life we are living together.  11.



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2 responses to “B is for bug.

  1. Flora Beth

    Bethany, I can’t believe you got a convertible Beetle!! It’s sooo cute and you and Audrey will be adorable riding around in it. Remember your Mom’s convertible one? Or, was that before your time? Have fun and be safe.
    Love yall,
    Great B

    • B

      Thanks Great B!! We are all in love with the little blue bug! Mom’s beetle was before me, but I have always loved the stories of the bugs y’all had! Wish you’d kept them. You can give me a few driving pointers still I bet! Love you!

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