baby snowglobes

“It’s like a lava lamp.  Give her a little doobie and she’ll be alright.” -Mark

Last weekend I made these ‘baby snowglobes.’ A friend of mine made them as the craft at her son’s birthday party.  And let me just say, that A) I love that she did a craft at the party- this is so much better than the useless party favor bags on so many levels, and B) what a great idea-a recycled, basically free, entertaining toy you can make for your babes.  Turns out, they are just as entertaining for the Mamas too!  That’s where the conversation bit above came from.  I couldn’t stop looking at them!  Addictive for sure.  (And obviously her Daddy’s comment was just a joke.)

To make them here’s what you do:  Get a plastic bottle.  I first made them in large sized water bottles and then switched to small ones, better for little hands to hold.  We actually bought a pack of Aqua Pods (kid sized waters) because the bottles are cute and don’t have bumps or indentions in them. Then all you do is add water and an assortment of things…I added ribbon, beads, glitter, sequins, buttons, shells, thread, and foam pieces.  You really could put whatever you want.  Try and find some things that float too and keep in mind whether or not your object could get rusty in there or disintegrate over time.  Then super glue the lid on and there you go..a perfect attention keeper for the car or a restaurant.  Making them is as addictive as staring at them.  They are quick, easy, instant gratification projects.

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  1. Jana

    I can’t wait to make one (or more)! Like you said, I want one for my entertainment too. Thanks for the fun idea!

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