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the weather today matches my mood


due to a couple reasons.  number one: ruined plans.  number two: lack of control.  number two, part b: a baby that keeps being sick.

and instead of being a debbie downer and elaborating on that, i am going to share a saved list of happy things i added to all week on my phone, and be reminded of the reason i write these down in the first place-for days like today.

laughter from the backseat, noticing audrey’s curves-like her cheeky profile in the mirror while she’s sleeping in the car and the shape of her shoulder and arm when she’s reaching for her lunch, 5 more minutes in bed in the morning, a trip to the hardware store without intentions or time restraints to get some ideas, making out an order form of art supplies this time for my tiny artist, clorox wipes for everything, paper hand puppets, handwritten recipes, queen anne’s lace, a list of things to make, my mama’s brown rice, chai tea latte with cinnamon, a rainy day when it fits how i’m feeling


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