something remembered

So I have been bad about doing the “somethings” I want to remember everyday like I had planned.  They are definitely still happening, I just don’t always make a point to notice something in particular, or I do, but I forget to write it down.  Yesterday though while Audrey was watching The Backyardigans she waved and said bye-bye when they went into their houses.  I love the associations and connections I can see happening for her in all kinds of ways right now.

For a couple extra little somethings I love right now:  the way she is a copycat to all we do and say, her saying “night night” back to me as plain as day yesterday, Audrey standing at the front door looking out in the afternoons, her little lover-of-animals soul (she met her first chickens, rabbits and roosters at a birthday party last night), beanbag lounging and a very shy & sweet moment the other night with new friends over-her sitting in between my legs holding on getting warmed up


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