Right now…with a 13 month old

  • “Mama” all the time now.
  • Crusing as a business, this includes using the walls, her bean bag…pretty much anything that she can get a hold of.
  • Her walk is peg leg style.  She bends the right but not the left.
  • She says “hey” to everyone we see.  Sometimes even to the cars that pass by when we play outside.
  • Much more real food and way less baby food…the past 2 mornings, breakfast has included a waffle.  (So grown up!)
  • She loves all things FRUIT but we made a tiny baby step with real carrots the other night towards vegetables.
  • 4 teeth on the top.  4 teeth on the bottom.  And a little back one poking through…tooth B according to Daddy, to the rest of us, it’s the next to the back one.
  • Helps ‘put’ her clothes on and tries to wear mommy’s shoes.
  • Likes to sit on top of things-your lap, pillows…
  • Cooks and stirs at her play kitchen.
  • Loves books, tupperware and taking things out of anything they’re in more than toys.
  • Has added ‘cat’ and ‘who’s/what’s that’ to her vocabulary.
  • Blows kisses (which is just the hand to her face part)
  • Laughs when people are laughing, claps when people are clapping.
***and from a list last week***

Things A does that I love:  peg leg walks (that’s without knee bending) behind her scoot cart, uses her spoons to stir in her little tiny pots, waves bye bye backwards-palm facing her, pets frida-which is really more like a grab/smack, lays down on the floor randomly, climbs into your lap to be read a story, makes the eh eh eh sound she has since she was itty bitty



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4 responses to “Right now…with a 13 month old

  1. Aunt Monnie

    Enjoyed the blogs this morning! Thanks for posting more…..I just LOVE reading them. Great pics, too! It is so much fun watching Audrey grow up “long distance”. Good seeing you Monday for a short time even though it was a sad occasion. Hugs to you all……..

    • B

      Thanks Aunt Monnie! The past month flew by and I’m going to try to get back to more regular updating. I love you and was happy to see you too. Can’t wait to again for longer and happier time.

  2. This post makes me want to live close to yall SO BAD!

  3. B

    Well come on back!!!! (when you can)

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