things i love:

eastern red buds, just kids -book by patti smith, growing something you can eat, mamas being real about motherhood, fabric yoyos, the temperature changing ever so slightly when you go from downstairs to upstairs, that little bit of warmth making it feel like summer & almost smelling like it too in a way, gardenias, a meal without meat, naps on the couch, house dream plans, cold cold water to drink, backyards, yarn rolled into balls, playful little audrey comic books (from the 50s!!!) a moment to sit and look at a stack of catalogs, mark taking audrey to pickup townhouse just to give me some alone time, young and the restless, a new journal that’s square, getting awesome david gray tickets, ugly red carpet gone from our basement, mason jars, neighbors that you like, family friends-moms friends. dads friends. babies friends, watching audrey scoot her car (or the remote control in a car-like manner) across the floor, zinnias, braided hair and ‘davis’ the bird (or maybe it’s a new davis each year) that comes to live in the corner spot on our porch



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2 responses to “things i love:

  1. Courtney

    When and where are you going to see david gray??? I LOVE HIM. (His song Caroline has made me want to name my child that since high school. Except now I’m determined that my child cannot have a “C” name because then the entire family will have practically the same name…Courtney, Corey…) PS you’ll be here in just over a MONTH!

    • B

      hey court. mark and i are going to see dg in charleston this summer. i am super excited…he is never around these parts it seems. i love caroline the song and name too. i remember it was one you loved too…i understand not wanting all the same letter though, hehe….AND I KNOW! one month…I CAN”T WAIT!

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