A few things:

Realization:  Your dream house has more to do with the home part & the family that lives inside and less to do with the actual house.  I am living in my dream house these days.

What I want more of:  looking in on my sleeping baby, pictures with me, mark and audrey in them, written down remembered moments, time in right now

Happy thing:  My rooted gardenias have buds on them…yep, I’m going to have gardenias bloom in my bedroom!

Realization No. 2:  My cat is a pig.  She begs as much, maybe more, than Frida does.  Yesterday I fed her a cheese puff just because she wanted it so bad.  And she ate it!

(A want more of taken care of…our latest family portrait by Collin M. Smith)



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3 responses to “A few things:

  1. I love everything about this post!!! And if you don’t mind, I’m going to use excerpts from it for Audrey’s 1st birthday and family session post on our blog. =)

  2. MPerry

    I love the picture! May we have one?

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