happy things:

pearl jam on the radio, sugar cookies and icing, heat on-windows down, cursive handwriting, an office with a window, audrey saying moo, down blankets, a swing on the porch, wallet size photos, spring cleaning, clippers, nieces, a family sandwich, buffets of southern cooking, family, audrey in the baby doll stroller, celebrating birthdays, thank you notes, children’s writing, a foam board playhouse, chubby legs sticking out of a onesie, cleaned up messes, a sport worth watching on tv, bags, taking one along other than the diaper bag, snuggling as a get warm necessity, a week of vacation at home



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2 responses to “happy things:

  1. MPerry

    Bethany, yesterday was awesome. Thank you, Mark, and Audrey for making it a special day. I love you all very much.

  2. MPerry

    Oh, I love the picture at the top.

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