friday night

taking audrey to renofest in her wagon, running in to cousins on the way, horn honks and big waves, barbeque eaten sitting on the grass, violins, kids playing, bare feet, former students, a town with a community feel, bluegrass music, meeting neighbors, staying out an hour past bedtime, such a tired baby when we got home that i got to hold her baby style, heavy eyes, the eh eh eh eh sound she makes, perfect 60 degree weather, cardigans, walking and not driving, sticks for a project collected, time together…the perfect kind



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2 responses to “friday night

  1. Jana

    Sounds like a fabulous night! Love ya’ll and wish we had been with you!

    • B

      Aww Jana…I thought the same thing tonight. I want us all to have one of those kinda nights together soon. Maybe summer will bring the chance. Love yall so much!

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