a week of one, day four or the day after…

Yesterday was spent loving up a one year old sweetie and thinking a lot about the time gone by, the experience of this first year, of motherhood, of change & growth.  I coined the thoughts and the thinking, Audrey: a year in review.  Most of it is in my head.  In my heart.  Though some was an attempt in my anything book to get down what I was feeling last night in the quiet after her birthday day was over.  It’s chicken scratch style though, and isn’t shared so openly.

Because really can you say it in words?  Can you express year one with your baby, or explain that desire to hold on to every moment all the while wanting them to grow up just the way they should?  The joy and sadness that comes with the time passing?

And just like everything with mothering so far, I find the word that always seems to sum it up best is balance. Enough holding on.  Enough moving on.  I want to remember, savor, encourage and slowly give her her wings.  I want to balance.

Audrey:  A year in review-  Seeking, finding, trying to maintain, and experiencing a true balance.  Audrey gave me a reason to strive for balance and reminded me to remember what’s important in the short, quick life we are given.


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