Okay, so for years I have been saying that all school walls should be bulletin board from top to bottom.  Of course this is coming from an art teacher.  You can never have enough student work filling the hallways.  No need for murals.  No wasted paper backing work.  Easy up, easy down.  No tack strips with art work flapping in the wind/danger zone.  (Mamas do like to get this work in one piece when it comes home.)  And lately I have been somehow trying to figure out where I could have a whole wall bulletin board in our house, one of my own.  For art and inspiration and to dos…it makes me excited just to think about it.  So I did some googling and came up with HOMASTE.  It is apparently this eco-friendly brand of fiber board that I guess you can buy in sheets.  Like plywood size…woop woop!!! I am having a wall.  But I have some questions.  Can I paint it?  If I do is it still bulletin board like?  And, on that note, is is easy to just tack things right in?  I don’t want to use a hammer.  I could do that on any wall afterall.  Hmmmm….Audrey might get one too.  Covered in fabric.  Wall to wall.  Less commitment than wall paper, same effect plus the bulletin board advantage.  I AM STOKED! (I hope.)

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