Words and a random memory

So I was going to start this with words I like right now.  For no particular reason other than sometimes I get stuck on a word.  Now there’s two: boundless and idly.  Great describing words for 1. what Audrey has in energy and curiosity and 2. what I want in weekend plans (idleness.)

And thinking about words, I remembered the random growing up memory of doing my spelling homework with my Dad.  I’m thinking that most of the time this fell in Mama’s category, but when it was Dad’s turn, it usually went a little differently than it did with Mom.  I remember the assignment was to use each word in a sentence.  Easy.  Regular.  But with Dad he would try to use every word in one big sentence.  My response is where my memory fails me a little.  I’m not sure if it got a laugh, like I’m sure he intended.  Knowing how very paranoid I was as a child and anxious to get things right all the time, I’m afraid I may have let the one big sentence that did not follow the directions stress me too.

And that makes me wonder how Audrey will respond to little things like these in years to come.  A little worrier or a laugher.  I guess all Moms wish for some happy medium of that.  If I could pick I’d chose a conscious free-spirit.  And to end on a word note, I looked up conscious to make sure I wasn’t confusing it’s spelling with conscience, and the exact definition said aware of and responding to one’s surroundings.  That’s for you Mom.


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