growing and some new tricks

Everyday is something new these days.  (And I love it.)  This weekend she started to feed herself with a spoon.  If you scoop the spoon full and hand it to her, she puts it in her mouth, and then hands it back for more.  She eats real crackers.  Will hand something to you when you ask her for it.  And for her newest cute party trick, when she’s in her highchair and we ask her if she’s sleepy, she’ll lay her head down on the tray.  She’s a ham and it works every time to get a big ‘awww’ from any on-looker.



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4 responses to “growing and some new tricks

  1. MPerry

    I can’t wait to see her pretending to sleep and feeding herself. My, she’s growing up too fast.

    • B

      I know Mimi…it is way quick but so much fun! I think Mark is gonna call you and Pop Pop about her spending the night at your house on Friday. Don’t know if you would like that HAHA! We’ll be in touch tonight.

      • MPerry

        Oh my gosh! Are you serious? I have just yelled for Morris to come read this. We are soooo excited just thinking about it. Our words are bring her on! We’ll even go pick her up. You have just made us so happy and excited. Please call soon!

  2. MPerry

    Oh, we’ll get the cribb put up before Friday!

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