An ah-ha television moment

“You know when you have kids, if you have kids, there’s something you should know.  Very confusing thing they don’t tell you.  You see so much of yourself in them.  You see your ironic take on the world.  You see your smile, your walk, your sense of humor, whatever, and you think they’re you.  But they’re not you.  And they shouldn’t have all of your baggage, your fear, and your insecurity, and your life experience because that’s not fair.  They have their own.

Your song is beautiful.  It’s haunting and moving.  And it’s so you.  And that’s all I should’ve said the other night.  I’m so proud and I’m so in awe of you and want you to just go out there and fly.  You can fly.”

-Sarah to Amber, Parenthood

I find myself learning and taking note of my own Mama lessons and goals in the strangest of moments and places.  I can thank Parenthood for this reminder.

Everyday is a chance to be a better person for her.  I am so thankful for that.


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