Don’t want to forgets could go on and on…

This I have realized.  Or maybe I was especially having one of those days yesterday.  Because after I did a second post to add a couple more, I made another list on paper and took a picture of one of the things that was happening right then.  And since I am in anything book limbo right now, the blog is getting them.  (It has become a don’t forget list all in it’s own and a big huge organizational tool for my brain.)  Maybe I could get these all together and do one scheduled update with them each week, like an every Tuesday thing.  We know that’s not gonna happen.  Here are two more: (for now)

Her smell.  Even if it’s kind of stinky most of the time in it’s own way, I love when you get close close and breathe her in.  There it is, an Audrey smell, that I hope I’ll get a little whiff of years from now and say ‘did you just smell her?’  Smells do that with me.  I smell a Beasy smell a lot and on certain mornings can be taken back to the way the air smelled before elementary school.  There’s wedding day too.  But I like the more subtle ones, like a freshly cut piece of pine that is my Dad making something even if I am just in Lowe’s.

The way Audrey stands up against my leg, holding on.  It’s not just when she is cruising around or when she wants to be picked up, it’s just to be there for a while, standing with her Mama.


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