What’s not to love?

For today, a list of love.  And for those who don’t do it, you should make these and keep them for a sad day or daughter when you’re gone…

  • How the morning started today, or should I say how it started after how the night went.  No peeps from the baby until sometime in the 6 o’clock hour, when our day was started listening to her babble talk in the happiness of morning time for a baby girl after a good night of sleep.
  • Run on sentences that aren’t being corrected.
  • Frida showing her teeth.
  • Eating in the car.
  • Watching the baby when she doesn’t know it…how she is exploring all the newness and learning to be her.
  • Doodles.
  • Nicknames…doodle bug, pudge, b, puddles, great b, george.  They are love names.
  • An invitation for lunch with my Mom.
  • A stack of hand made postcards to send out.
  • A mix of music you can’t quit listening to.
  • Combinations of things, be it songs, yarn, food, or colors.
  • Fish sticks.
  • Food that has memories attached to it…grandaddy’s breakfast, the yellow box of fish fillets, cheese toast with real cheese, sugars cookies with the hard icing, white cheese popcorn, a burning tortilla chip, cheese munchies…
  • Laughing OUT LOUD and CAN’T HOLD IT IN style (but not in church)
  • A sneak peek day of spring in an unusually cold winter.
  • Daffodils poking up out of the ground…”When the flowers bloom, so will great joy in your life.” A true fortune cookie saved from last year about this time.



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