some little things that audrey does…

says hey and pup-pup

waves at everyone and everything

sits with her legs crossed, like little tiny indian-style

walks along the furniture

learned how to really splash big in the tub and likes to stand up

eats grated cheese, goldfish and bananas

laughs really hard at peek-a-boo

looks under the covers in our bed to find frida and thinks it is great

laughs when frida licks her hands

does this fast-talk babble when she is mad



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3 responses to “some little things that audrey does…

  1. MPerry

    Love the picture. Morris and I want to see her really bad. We haven’t seen her since Dec. 18. May we please go over this week? Please.

  2. B

    Of course Mimi…we’d love to see yall. It has been WAY too long! Why don’t y’all scoot right from school one day so you’ll have lots of time with her.

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