a schedule redo

A schedule redo is overdue.  It’s that time again.  Remember 6 months.  Well it’s happened again.

We, both mommy and baby, need some adjustment.  What did work, doesn’t.  Since 6 months we’ve been on pretty much the same schedule….7am milk and food, 9-11am nap, 11am milk, 1-3ish nap, 3pm food and milk, 6 something food, 7pm milk, 7:30 bed.  But over the last couple weeks things have started to not run so smoothly.  At first I thought it was the busyness and excitement of Christmas- an extra parent home, places to go that interrupted nap places and times, too many toys out, who knows.  Somedays it was great.  Somedays it wasn’t.  (It being nap time.)  So this week things have been back to normal around our house and still the working schedule isn’t working.  Bedtime is still great thankfully.  Naps, not so much.  She has fought them or skipped them all together.  Yesterday she managed to fall asleep standing up!  I put her down for her nap, she talked & stood and as 30 minutes went by with me peeking in to check on her she never laid down and gave it up.  She didn’t cry, but rather talked and stood herself to sleep.  It was the most pitiful and precious thing all at the same time.

Needless to say, that was enough.  Today started the adjustment.  I ordered the next Baby Wise book, moved morning nap time back an hour and made the morning bottle 2 ounces bigger.  We may cut number but maintain amount.  Maybe it’s time for 3 meals a day with some snacks.  She is almost 1 after all.  Today starts the relearning process.  A shift.  Who knew there’d be so much figuring out.  Or that eating and napping could control your thinking so much.  It’s a life long journey…here we go again.

a little example of the napping disarray from earlier this week


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