Some Audrey Stuff:

1.  Yesterday Audrey gave me a real hug.  I picked her up out of the crib after her morning nap and she put both of her little arms around my neck and pulled herself in close.  Without doubt, there is nothing better in the world to me than these first intentional acts of her showing love.

2.  She is crunching her teeth together.  It’s a terrible sound and it the biggest downside so far to this whole teething process.  Oh, and she’s eating her crib.

3.  Legos in.  Legos out.  Legos in.  Legos out.

4.  With teaching and consistency comes much crying.  I know that it is what I’m supposed to be doing but I see why it’s easier to give in.

5.  She is standing.  All the time.  On everything.

6. And real waving.  I was worried because for the longest time she was only doing this whole arm lifting sort of wave.  I felt like the real waving was a milestone she wasn’t getting.  But now she opens and closes her hand (palm facing her) to say hello mostly and bye bye when the moment has usually passed.  When it first started, she would stare at her fingers doing that in amazement.  I love watching her making these discoveries.


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