think sleep.

My dreaming went a little like this last night.  Let me back up.  I don’t know if I can exactly call it dreaming.  It was that blur of being awake and the unconscious.  It was think sleep.  In my awakeness I was praying.  Mornings are my favorite times for that.  In the quiet before the day gets going.  In the fresh mind that has just rested itself for the night.  And this morning’s prayers were for the new year.  For a perfect baby given to me, I was reminded of yesterday, by our wonderful God.  Mine to borrow. To love and cherish.  To take the best care of that I can offer.  It was thanks for this year.  For a fresh start. Thanks for a night of realness.  For my husband and this journey we get to take together.  For family.  Thanks for the reminder that it’s all Yours.  I needed a reminder.

The dreaming part was this transcript of sorts.  Of what I was talking to Him about.  Of what I was saying.  It was a print version of my thinking.  Printed in my head.  In a dream.  (This has happened before.)  I like typography what can I say. I am visual is this weird way too.  I was going back and forth between a conversation with God and a letter that my brain was typing.  I hope He doesn’t mind.


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