The best!

Today I caught Audrey sucking on the door stop in her room.

She has become a bouncing baby.

We have this really annoying sheep Christmas ornament that sings, I means baaas, ‘We wish you a Merry Christmas.’  Frida paws it and Audrey bounces when we play it.

Last night we were feeding Audrey puffs.  She is using her little fingers to pinch them and pick them up these days.  It is funny to see her try to get them in her mouth because sometimes they stick to her hand and sometimes she just misses altogether.  She has her mouth open and ready before the puff gets to it.  I sat one close to her and instead of picking that one up, she just opened her mouth and ate it right off of the highchair tray.  A problem solver already.

She is standing up on things here and there now.  Sunday she stood up on the couch with Mark.  And she can crawl wherever she decides, which is usually across the whole house.

I want to be recording every moment of her right now.  8 months is really fun!

“I got the sock but I dropped the baby.” -Patz Fowle


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