ready already

I could not wait another day…

I have wanted to decorate for weeks now.  I’m like a retailer.  I could’ve started Christmas as soon as Halloween night was over.  I am so excited.  I have got the Christmas spirit and this year is so exciting.  It’s the baby, I know.  I am getting to live the season like a child.  Getting to make it special for her.

I want to have lights covering everything, music playing all day, cookies baking, to take trips to see the fabulously gaudy lights, to go caroling with hot drinks…  I am ready already.  I can’t wait to start the traditions that will be special to our family.  I couldn’t wait anymore.  I put up Audrey’s tree.  Originally I wanted this pink extravaganza-you know glittery with sparkles on top.  But after looking at ornaments, I opted for something a little more us.  I made yarn balls and used a quilt from Andy underneath.  I am happy with how it turned out.  But more than that, I was so happy to decorate it with Audrey and Mark right there together.  Tradition number one?  Maybe so.

Let’s get this season started…


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