manual mode, goose egg, a monkey and a cold…

A few random things:

First:  As of today I have challenged myself to shoot in nothing but manual mode.  This relearning, effort and frustration will be well worth it.  I had gotten lazy.  I was shortcutting myself right out of being a photographer and out of the images I want.  And besides what better to keep my determination up, than a daily changing subject matter that I want to capture every moment of…

Second and third go together:  Audrey got her first goose egg.  Why?  Because she is a monkey. A fearless little climbing monkey.  She has decided that anything and everything is climbable-people, boxes, toys and tonight the side of the bathtub.  With the bathtub came the goose egg.  Just what we needed to add to slippery bath time, climbing.  She is all over the place, even in the tub, doing a crawl of sorts, grabbing the faucet and then trying to stand up on the side of the tub.  This resulted in a big forehead bump but surprisingly not in crying.  At least she is fearless and tough.  (Or maybe that is a terrible combination???)

Fourth:  As much as I hate Audrey feeling less than perfectly healthy, I have to admit I have been loving up her needy-ness.  Let me explain.  She has wanted to be held an extra lot over the past week and I have gladly welcomed that snuggling.  Granted some of it has been unsatisfied squriming paired with crying, but enough has been sweet sweet together time napping& relaxing in my arms with kisses and staring.  I don’t think I would trade anything (even a cold) for all the opportunity to gaze at and love on my precious girl.  It must be God’s way of getting Mama’s through the extra stress of taking care of a sick baby.  (Somehow just writing ‘sick baby’ almost makes me teary.  I am so thankful for such a healthy child everyday.  My wish is that all the little ones could be healthy, safe and loved.)


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