a little catching up…

Audrey starting to crawl for real yesterday.  Just out of the blue, there she was making her way across the room.  The day before she would only do 2 crawls before she would drop down to army creep, and the next day there was the real deal…little hands and knees moving like pros.  I’m amazed yet again.  (And of course I think that it is adorable.)

I was lucky enough to get some of it on video too.  What’s actually kind of funny (and maybe I shouldn’t tell) is that Frida’s red kong toy is what lured her the first time and then got her to travel time and time again to appease her fascinated Mama.  I couldn’t resist, at least while it was so brand new.  She loves that little hunk of plastic for some reason.  The toy sharing isn’t encouraged, but it also isn’t anything new around here.  It’s just gonna happen sometimes.

Also, on Saturday she started saying ‘Mama.’  Oh my heart could melt!  I’m mush.  A big puddle of Mama mush.  I don’t care what they say about it not meaning anything when they are so young…because to me Audrey is saying my name, telling me ‘I love you too.’

That night was Caleb’s 1st birthday party and on the ride home Audrey was so exhausted.  She cried.  And then she would cry and say Mama.  It sounded like this:  “WaaaaaaaaaaaaaMaMaaa.’  I didn’t know you could have a melted and broken heart in the same moment.  She wanted me but she was so upset.  My heart was torn.


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