a dream come true or a realization on a walk

This morning was the perfect morning for walking.

This morning I took O’malley on the walk with me and Audrey…and she did great.  With just a couple minor exceptions, O’malley walked beside the stroller the whole time.  As we got close to home, I was still enjoying the morning, pushing my baby in her stroller & walking my golden retriever along beside her, and I realized I was living one of my dreams.  From way back when, I always dreamed of my family, of being a Mama.  I guess I skipped all the wedding fantasizing and went straight to the good stuff.  In part of my fantasy, there I was strolling my baby down the sidewalk with my golden retriever walking there beside me. I could see it. (It’s my own version of the big white poufy dress and being the center of attention.)  And today, there it was, a dream come true…Somewhere in the last four years, which seems more like a blink of my eye, she’s become part of what I’ve always wanted.

Later today I was telling my Mom that I took O’malley on the walk with us and that she was well-behaved.  It was like as soon as it came out of my mouth I had this ah-ha-ish moment.  O’malley is 4.  Frida is 2.  Pretty much the last 4 years have been puppy years around here in one way or the other.  And just like that I realized, that’s what you do.  You just have them.  You do it all at once.  You get on that horse and you hold on tight.  You embrace the time for what it is..pee on the floor, waking up at night, sleeping with them on the floor by the crate, teaching them to listen, digging, jumping up, embarrassing moments at the vet, chewed up rugs, getting frustrated, being drug around on walks AND a lot more laughing and love.  Before you know it, there is your well-behaved dog walking with you just like you’ve always wanted.  When did it turn out like you imagined?  It makes me know I want more kids.  And I want them to be close together.  Regardless of the crazy.  I want the big family all talking at dinner together, too many shoes by the door, playing in the backyard, baking in the kitchen, artwork on the walls.  I want to look at them, at my family in the years to come and realize I am living one of my dreams, it’s what I’ve always wanted, when did it all happen?


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