“vegetarian version of taxidermy”

Okay, so remember the plant that I loved in the anthropologie picture but couldn’t find just the one it was?  Well yesterday the problem was solved.  Mark, Audrey and I were driving around in Florence, waiting on the fair to open and I saw the plant on someone’s porch.  The plant, not just something like it!  So I went to the door, met this talented plant-growing lady, learned the plant I love is a staghorn, how to feed it and about a lot of other nifty plants.  It was quite the payoff from the risk of randomly knocking on people’s doors.  It can go either way.

Her plant was fabulous.  There were four of them in one I guess you’d say, growing from the side/bottom of one of those hanging planter baskets.  You know the ones that have the mossy outside layer that holds the dirt in and usually people around here have their ferns in them.  She told me that originally her sister from Florida had given her the plant and it grew in the top of the basket, but that it died and these babies (big babies now) had grown.  I just love a baby making plant.  That’s an added bonus with this one.  She taught me that they don’t like to get too much sun, that you should put a banana in them from time to time to feed them and reminded me they have to go inside to winter here in SC.  I’m so excited…now I just have to find one.

“Vegetarian taxidermy.”  That’s from neighborhoodnotes.com…which I stumbled across last night googling the plant staghorn.  The website was talking about the plant and it’s comeback in popularity from the 70s.  That many people like that it can mount to a piece of wood and be hung on the wall.  I love it!


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