I laughed out loud, I cried and I’m so glad…

Last night I went back and read some from an old anything book.  I love them some much in hind sight.  I am glad to have all the regular-ness that is life documented to remember.


From February 8, 2008:

We got a new vacuum cleaner and finally put it together last Sunday.  It is red and a Hover.  This drawing is of the old one that has smelled like burning poop for quite some time.  (Since I sucked up a little piece in Hilton Head I’m pretty sure.)  The new one is great.  It has a bucket instead of a bag so you can see all the mess it vacuums up.  Also there is an attachment that looks like a teeny tiny real vacuum and it amazingly gets up all the cat hair squished into the cushions where Liza lays.

My back is hurting so I slept on the couch, without Mark and without brushing my teeth.  I had lots of dreams…like driving Mark’s car and not being able to stop quick enough so I’d keep driving on the grass.  And we were living in this town (that’s always the same in my dreams) that was kind of mountainy, in a house that was more like vacation and great.

I think I’ve realized in cleaning out Meme’s house and seeing that potential that anywhere we live will be good and cute and home-like.  Because the home I’ve always looked for is Mark and family and vacuuming together.


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