plant love

I’ve been doing some reading to find out a little more about these beautiful air plants.  This one is a xerographica (don’t ask me how to say that.) And I think I have to have one.

A while back I was looking at one of my saved Anthropologie catalogs and was inspired by this lovely sunroom full of plants.  I was drooling…it’s the kind of space I love- homey and full and beautiful.  I wanna be in there.  I want one in our house.

Anyway, in the picture there was this wooden grid hanging in the window and some funky-ish plant coming off of it horizontally.  I wasn’t sure what it was or how it was doing that.  But I made a slatted wooden square of my own and was going to figure out something to grow from it.  I figured I could make a clay pot, glue it on and plant something inside.  Now I know that it some variety of a fabulous air plant.  I can’t find the exact kind but I’m pretty sure this spot is meant to have one.  


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